We have all heard “A picture paints a thousand words

I’m sure we have all seen an image that has conveyed a message that would have required a huge amount of descriptive text to get even close to the feeling and understanding created by the image. In fact, we often can’t find the words.

This post was prompted by KFC’s move to allow the competition to “STEAL” their images for “FREE”. KFC has taken a very unusual approach for a corporate company. You might expect them to sue anyone using their images.


Instead, they have done the opposite and turned the problem into a marketing opportunity. Accepting there were many businesses around the world promoting chicken takeaway products using poor quality copies of KFC images they have set up a website where anyone can download a quality image without royalties or penalties.

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I suspect they realized pursuing the image thieves through the legal system would be very expensive and most likely unsuccessful. Allowing use of their quality images they know many people will recognize the product as KFC

A marketing opportunity – Tracking down the people who had downloaded “inferior quality” copies KFC launched an advertising campaign to showcase their “superior” product. A very clever campaign that produced a 24% increase in brand likeability. An additional quirky play on words – the images website is called chicken stock

I applaud KFC and the agency TBWARAAD for being bold and innovative with their campaign turning a negative situation into a positive.:

Wanna steal our images? Fine, but do it properly, please.”

Well Done!

Note: When I checked out the chicken stock website it was down due to excess demand!

So how do you choose images for your website?

Read my next post for some thoughts and ideas

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