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At Neat Websites we create websites with a combination of art and science taking an intuitive approach to connect with your potential client when they visit your website.

Your website needs to have some fundamental elements :


Instant Appeal


Easy Navigation


Encourage Action

There are many aspects to a successful website. Some are specific to the business whilst others are essential ingredients for all websites e.g. mobile friendly.

The look and feel of the site will determine if the visitor will stay or quickly move on. 


Every website needs to project the personality of the business and often it will be a reflection of you as the owner.

This is why we spend time getting to know you and your business before we draft the first design.

The crafting of a fashion site is clearly different from a website for motorbikes though both need instant appeal to the desired audience 

This is the art of website creation.


One of the most common complaints from website visitors is how difficult it is to find the information they want.

There are, of course, many people who don’t complain they simply move on.

We always make sure the site navigation is easy for the visitor.

There are some specific aspects of successful website layout.

This is the science of website creation.


Every website has a specific purpose. – Make the phone call, order a product……… 

Your site needs to be clear about your offer. 

Tell us the top areas of your service and specifically what is the #1 focus of your business so we can skillfully create an effective website. 

Combining layout, fonts and color using semiotics the visitor is intuitively encouraged to take action

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