Last week I spoke to a new client regarding the design we have created to replace his very old website. We did not make the site originally therefore there was quite a bit of information to gather before proceeding.

Going through our checklist I confirmed the phone number on the site 1300 688 63 3283

“Oh No,” he said – “I haven’t had the 1300 number for ages. There was a mix-up with Telstra and I cancelled that number.”

No wonder his site wasn’t getting any leads?

The website also listed some services he no longer provides and some of the images were way out of date. 

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Note :

1300 688 63 3283 was not the actual number. 

I made it up – it converts to 1300 Out Of Date 

Today I experienced the same situation with a site we actually built a few years ago. The owner had changed the phone number and did not inform us.

The number is now updated and clickable on a mobile device.

Whilst these examples both relate to “out-of-date phone numbers” there are many aspects of website information that need to be kept up to date.

Perhaps it’s time to review your site for

  • Services offered 
  • Event dates – remove previous live or online
  • Products – add new or delete old
  •  Images 
  • Staff details – update to the current team
  • Contact email
  • Physical address
  • Telephone numbers 
  • Blog posts – maintain current and update changed information
  • Testimonials

Things come in threes – I am waiting for the next client with a changed phone number!


The information in this post is the opinion, based on the experience, of the author. Should you choose to act on any of the information provided please undertake your own research to ensure it is appropriate for your own needs). Please feel free to comment below if you have any questions.

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