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Your Business in the world today needs the perfect connection to your customers and clients.

At Neat Websites  we help you find the solutions you need to take your business in the direction you want.

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Experienced business management and website consultants, we’re able to provide a range of effective consultancy services to small and medium-sized businesses across industries. Our expertise covers website creation, management, and much more.

Professional Website

Our websites are created to be effective and functional whilst appealing to the

  • Yes they are good looking
  • Yes they are easy to navigate
  • Yes they produce results

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Redesign Website

Often people find their original website looks old and tired. Sometimes their business has grown and changed therefore needing an overhaul. Depending upon your needs we can completely redesign or update.

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Site Care

Your website will need ongoing maintenance. We regularly check our sites to ensure they are up to date and secure. Hosted with a world-leading company and backed up to Amazon, Neat Websites will look after your site with our Site Care Service

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Generating New Ideas. Solving Big Problems

Why Work With Us ?

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Neat Websites founder Jim Knott has a background in customer care. As a Pharmacist, his aim was to ensure excellence in patient care.

With a strong interest in the development of the internet and websites, Jim was perplexed when a neighboring retailer spent many thousands of dollars on a website that didn’t function.

Investigating the digital world led him to believe he could provide a great service to those businesses needing a successful, effective website. Retiring from his profession as a Pharmacist his passion for customer care has continued in providing first-class websites and support for his clients.

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